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Arsip Proyek Pemugaran Candi Borobudur Series
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Gambar Panjang Bidang Dinding Candi Borobudur

Gambar Panjang Bidang Dinding Candi Borobudur. Serial ini disusun oleh struktur proyek Borobudur. Dalam sistem ini- bagian candi dibagi menjadi Utara-Timur-Selatan-Barat. Selain itu- setiap tingkat candi diberi nomor- dan setiap bidang (dinding candi) diberikan nomer alphabet.

Tekno Arkeologi (TA)

Descriptions of Stone Fragments (Deskripsi Fragment Batu di Candi Borobudur)

This series contains descriptions and sketches of stone fragments from in and around the Borobudur temple. Missing stones are blocks and fragments that are detached or have fallen from the structure of the temple. Many of them were found on the surface around the temple site- buried beneath the soil or used as foundations for house dwellings- staircases or floors- or for mortar for padi- among other purposes. Some have been found underground during routine archaeological excavations- and many more sculptured fragments have been discovered around the temple complex. The stones were dislocated from their original places by natural or anthropogenic causes. The process of matching the missing stones entailed two major activities: first- the general classification of all the missing stones and stone fragments and- second- the matching up of certain specific types of missing stones- for example- the broken Buddha heads and the crowns of antefixes. The project of collecting the missing stones was initiated in 1970–71 and continued up to 1973–74. As many as 2-234 blocks were collected and categorized- and 739 blocks successfully relocated to their original places.

Tekno Arkeologi (TA)

Laporan Harian Final Storage Pallet Masuk

Laporan Harian Final Storage Pallet Masuk. Penampungan batu (buffer storage) dibagi
dua tempat- yaitu untuk menampung hasil
pembongkaran batu luar (kulit)- dan untuk
menampung hasil pembongkaran batu elemen
seperti- stupa- gargoyle- patung singa- arca
buddha- dan batu antefik. Luas buffer storage
batu luar (kulit) sekitar 10.000 m2 letaknya satu
deret dengan workshop (tempat pengerjaan

Tekno Arkeologi (TA)

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